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The photos for this are printed with a laser printer! You will need to trace around the wood slice and trim down the photo to fit onto the wood slice. Cover the wood slice in a good layer of regular mod podge Lay over the photo onto the mod podge and press to get out all the bubbles and wrinkles..Buy the Gel Medium Here .I plan on putting these pictures all over my house. They also make a great gift! I hope you love . *If you want the wood grain to show through, use regular Mod Podge Matte. If you want a white background with no wood grain showing through, use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. Step Paint the edges of your wood panel. Step Apply a generous amount of the transfer solution to the image.. Learn how to transfer photos to wood in three simple steps! All you need for this photo transfer to wood is your favorite image and a medium..Step Supplies Needed. Laser printed photo. Wood cut to the same size as photo. Gel Medium must be an acrylic gel medium Brush to apply gel medium to wood. Butter knife or flat instrument to smooth out print onto wood. Wood stain optional and rags. Pigment optional Sander or sand paper..UPDATE I ve recently discovered a much easier way to transfer photos to wood. It takes about minutes to do my new project and isn t nearly as challenging .Once you slip the image decal off the paper after soaking , it s very thin, like tissue paper, Best way to make a wood transfer using an ink jet printer image . How to print pictures on wood with just wax paper and an inkjet printer. The perfect DIY. If you have a printer, a piece of wood and wax paper or .

IF you would actually like the white areas of a photo to transfer as white and not transparent where the wood shows through , apply an even coat of a lighter gel medium to the wood first, let it dry completely, and then proceed with the other steps..Ink jets use water soluble inks and some of the photo transfer methods will make the inks runny and faded or not transfer at all . Any of the other methods should work as long as you use a laser printed photo copy of your picture just be sure to reverse the image first ..DIY Photo Transfer to Wood What You Need Any photo printed from a laser printer. Make sure your photo is printed onto regular computer paper. Smooth piece of wood Gel medium with a gloss finish Paintbrush Mod Podge finish Embellishments Ruler or any Straightedge Step . Paint a thick layer of the gel medium onto the front of your picture..If you’re wondering how to transfer photos to wood, it’s a relatively simple process. You’ll print a photo out on a dry ink printer like laserjet or an HP . You’ll paint a medium on the front of the photo, and then smooth it onto an unfinished or painted surface..A piece of raw unfinished wood lighter woods work better . Coarse grit G sandpaper . Paper cutter, or scissors and a ruler . Freezer paper much more “printer friendly” than wax paper . Printable mirror image of what you want to transfer . Inkjet printer DO .

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