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Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are two Canadians from Toronto, Ontario, who together murdered Laura Babcock and Tim Bosma in separate killings in July . Wealthy, fun loving aviation heir Dellen Millard had everything. Then he began a murder spree.. She has spent enough time reliving the night of , when her husband, Tim, headed out for a test drive with Dellen Millard and Mark . The was originally ruled a suicide, but Dellen Millard shot his sleeping dad in the eye.. A judge found Dellen Millard guilty of first degree murder in the of his father . Catherine McDonald has more.. Throughout the trials that led to Dellen Millard s three first degree murder convictions, his mother was in “complete denial,” according to an . Applause broke out as a judge declared Dellen Millard had carried out a planned and deliberate killing of his father, whose was initially . Rich kid turned serial killer Dellen Millard splurged his father s fortune Just six years ago, Dellen Millard was one of Canada s most eligible . Dellen Millard always thought he was the smartest man in the room. With that infamous smirk, the spoiled rich kid believed he could get away .A judge has found Dellen Millard guilty of killing his father, Wayne Millard, by shooting him in .

On Monday, Dellen Millard was convicted of shooting his father in the eye and making it look like a suicide. The judge’s ruling marked the end of a long and deadly saga for Millard, who .Dellen Millard and his buddy Mark Smich were convicted of the first degree murder of Tim Bosma in June . The pair are still facing charges for the murder of Laura Babcock, a friend with whom Millard was involved in what police called a non traditional dating relationship..Millard, the documents say, was the one who found his father’s body. By Dec. , , the coroner had concluded the was a suicide, and police closed their investigation..Gruesome crime scene photos of Wayne Millard’s body were shown in a Toronto courtroom Thursday, as the trial of his son, twice convicted killer Dellen Millard, began in Superior Court..TORONTO It looks like the large home of a messy bachelor with permanent house guests. For the first time, the jury is offered a peek inside Dellen Millard’s expansive Etobicoke home where he .Wayne Millard’s is the father of convicted murderer Dellen Millard. His was originally deemed a suicide, but after his son was arrested for the murder of Tim Bosma, the investigation into Wayne’s was re opened..There are “legitimate questions” to be raised about the Toronto police investigations into thes of two people close to Dellen Millard that occurred before.Dellen Millard argues life sentence in Laura Babcock murder is too harsh Millard has argued his first degree murder conviction was unreasonable and the life sentence he received too harsh..A jury found Dellen Millard, , of Toronto, and Mark Smich, , of Oakville, guilty of killing Laura Babcock in the summer of ..Ancaster’s Tim Bosma took a ride with two strangers in a truck he was trying to sell and never came back. Dellen Millard and Mark Smich were found guilty of first degree murder in the of Bosma..

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Image Result For Dellen Millard

Image Result For Dellen Millard