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Hon no Tenksei is a manga written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Shimamoto. It was serialized in the Shogakukan manga magazine Weekly Shnen Sunday .Action Seven transfer students all played by members of the Japanese group Ryusei Fujii in Blazing Transfer Students Akito Kiriyama in Blazing .Drama Blazing Transfer Students English title Blazing Transfer Student Reborn At the troubled school, transfer students appear and they all have the first .Blazing Transfer Students isn t just another anime inspired show. It s aggressively about anime. Every element of the series, from the blonde, .Transfer student Takisawa Noboru quickly learns that all disputes at his new school Blazing Transfer Student is a two episode Gainax OVA specifically .Characters in Blazing Transfer Student RebornTropes shared by all the transfer students Everyone Has a Special Move All of the students demonstrate several .A description of tropes appearing in Blazing Transfer Student. It s an average summer day, and New Transfer Student Noboru Takizawa is walking to his new .Featuring the boys of Johnny s West, a gang of zany transfer students are recruited for a mysterious mission ordained by their shadowy principal. Watch trailers .

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